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March 2019 Contest

Category:  Over, Under, Around or Through

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Photos courtesy of Jim Osborn unless otherwise noted.

NMRA Contest Rules

Contests are an important aspect of NMRA membership. Not only can you enjoy the experience and fun of sharing the results of modeling and/or photographing a prototype or model, you may receive the satisfaction of having your work reviewed by experienced NMRA modelers.

There are two types of contests. Division level contests and those at the National or Regional levels. Winners are selected by popular voting at Division level contests. The entries are not judged for Achievement Program (AP) purposes, unless advance arrangements are made. See the Download of the Fox Valley Division Popular Vote Contest Rules for more details on our division level model and photo contests.

National and Regional contest entries are judged for AP purposes. In 2009, the NMRA has added People's Choice Awards (popular vote contests) and display only categories to their contest programs.

Models and photographs submitted for judging at National and Regional conventions require appropriate documentation and must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for any of the NMRA Achievement Awards. Click on the appropriate links below to view PDF files of the NMRA contest rules or the link to NMRA Contests to maximize your results.

NMRA Model Contest Rules (389 kB download)
Note that the entry application and judges scoring sheet are at the end of the down load document and must be filled out by the applicant prior to bringing the model to the contest.

NMRA Photograph Contest Rules (635 kB download)
Note that the entry blank application is contained within the down load document and must be filled out by the applicant prior to bringing the photo to the contest office.

NMRA General Contest Information

For more contest or Achievement Program information contact the division Achievements and Contests Trainmaster, Jim Landwehr via telephone at: 847-577-7984