Jim Kubajak - The Fall River Line - HO Scale

The Fall River Line is a short line that exists in the western end of Virginia in 1927. The terrain dictates small slow. trains, but that seems to make the railroad much larger and more interesting. Train lengths over eight cars are uncommon because of the 2.5% ruling grade in combination with the continuously curving track which seeks its way from mine to mine, and town to town. The Fall River Line owes it's existence to a few deposits of coal in the area and it's connection with the B&O and N&W in the east and the C&O on the west. It also has a rail to water connection for the movement of coal at Buchanan, Va. on the James River. A large steel fabricating plant, Bigg Steel, at New Hope is the railroads second largest revenue producer. Logging is still a vibrant industry in this area and the local Yet-to-be-named Lumber Company in New Hope is another income producer with it's own fleet of equipment and trackage rights over the FRL. DC Control. The RR is dispatcher managed with TT & TO rules. Car routing is through card cards and waybills. Track and scenery 100% complete.

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