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Dec 2018 Contest Category: 12 - 18 inch section of detailed track.

CLICK HERE to view the winning entries as well as photos of all of this month's contest entries.

Walt Herrick Photo

Abandon Track by Walt Herrick

Thanks go out to Jeremy for helping with the FVD administration
If you have items of interest, photos or other information you wish to share please post them to Jeremy.

You can email Jeremy at: jkdummler@gmail.com if you have content to share or
link up with him on the FVD Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/fvdnmra/

Congratulations to Mike Hirvela, Superintendent, and Carl Wagus, Chief Clerk on their election to office for a 2 year term. The next election will occur in April 2019 for the offices of Assistant Superintendent and Paymaster.

Walt Herrick, Midwest Region Photographer and member of the FVD, authored an article about Mike Ritchdorff's N&W Pocahontas Division RR in the January FVD Semaphore. That article was picked up by the Division Business Car column of the April 2018 NMRA Magazine.

NMRA members CLICK HERE to link to the NMRA Members section to read the article.

2018 Great Model Railroads
will feature Pete Walton's Great Midwestern Railroad
The article was photographed and written by Dave Rickaby
and will be available in October 2017

Click Here for a few photos of Pete's RR

The 2017 & 2018 High Wheeler Train Shows are suspended due to pending construction at Harper College. We hope to run the show at a future date yet to be determined.

The NMRA welcomes:  

William Hanetho
Fox River Grove, IL
October 2018
Dan Cahill
Waukegan, IL
September 2018
Joe Swiatek
Chicago, IL
september 2018
HP Labude
Woodstock, IL
August 2018
Meg Haddad
Arlington Hts, IL
April 2018

Here is a list his awards won at the National Convention.
Photos can be viewed at: Jim Allen Award Pictures
Congratulations to Jim!

Craft: First Place: Jim Allen for his locomotive carrying case
Diesel: First Place: Jim Allen for his ATSF TR-4 cow and calf engine set
Freight Car: First Place: Jim Allen for his Hot Metal car
Non-Revenue Car: First Place: Jim Allen for his On3 Water Car
Display Category: First Place: Jim Allen for his Forest Scene with Holt ‘Caterpillar’ tractor and log buggy
Locomotive, Scratch-built: 2nd Place: Jim Allen for his Single-Truck, 2-Cylinder Shay
Locomotive, Scratch-built: 3rd Place: Jim Allen for his On3 Rio Grande Southern Beyer-Garrett 2-8-0 + 0-8-2 steam engine
Structure, Scratch-built: 3rd Place: Jim Allen for his Flying “A” gas station (with the DC-3 on pedestals)
Thumbz model: 2nd Place: Jim Allen for his Grandpa Percy with walker
Thumbz model: 3rd Place: Jim Allen for his Big Breakfast egg-carrying flatcar

Additionally, Jim also won the:
• Iwata Air Brush Motive Power Award for his On3 Single-Truck, 2-Cylinder Shay
• NMRA Magazine Award for Most Photogenic Model for his Flying “A” Gas Station
• The NMRA Contest Chairman’s Award for his RGS On3 Beyer-Garrett locomotive

The Ft. Wayne RR Historical Society Steam Excursion Ran on Sunday June 12th.  

No. 765 departed from the Glen in Gleview, IL
to The Fox Lake, IL Metra Station
and headed to Janesville, WI

Here are a few photos by some of our members:

NKP 765Photo by Jim Osborn

NKP 765Photo by Walt Herrick

NKP 765Photo by Walt Herrick

NKP 765Photo by Mike Hirvela

NKP 765Photo by Walt Herrick

Click Here for Full Size photos

Click here for a video of NKP 765 by Mike Hirvela

Click Here
for more info on NKP 765.

Congratulations to Jeff.
Jeff is awarded the AP Association Official Award by Jim Landwehr, Midwest Region Achievement Program Chairman

Jeff Jarr, Past Superintendent

Brian Williams, a long time High Wheeler Train Show exhibitor and "Z" & "T" scaler, was interviewed by the Daily Herald and featured in an article and video clip. You can view the article and clip at:  http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20160502/news/160509964/

High Wheeler's 7 Award Categories for Displays of Distinction.

Best of Show: Midwest Mod-u-Trak – HO Scale

Best of Show: Midwest Mod-u-Trak – HO Scale

Best Layout: Mini-Mod-u-Trak - N Scale

Best Layout: Mini-Mod-u-Trak

Best Layout Runner-up: Northwest Trainmasters - HO Scale

Best Layout Runner-up: Northwest Trainmasters

Best Module: Lake County Society of Module Engineers - HO Scale
Harbor Scene

Best Module: Lake County Society of Module Engineers

Best Module Runner-up: Northshore and Western Modular Club - HO Scale
Cardiac City

Best Module Runner-up: Northshore and Western Modular Club

Best Display: Peewaukee Lego Railroad – Lego

Best Display: Peewaukee Lego Railroad

Best Display Runner-up: Southwest Santa Fe - N Scale

Best Display Runner-up: Northwest Trainmasters

Clinic Presentation:  

November 2018 - "Tank Cars" " by Steve Hile

Stev Hile

Click Here
for all past FVD clinic presentations or notes if they are available.

Bring a friend to a membership meeting and they will have a chance to win a half price 9 month NMRA Rail Pass membership. One Rail Pass membership will be offered to a randomly chosen non-member guest at each meeting. This offer will run until further notice.

No recent Achievement Awards Presented.

The NS & W Modular Group is a 100% NMRA Club. The club's modular layout is HO scale and consists of two main lines, and a branch line. All three lines are electrically isolated from each other. We run DC on the outer main line, and DCC on the rest of the layout. We also have a large staging yard with a turn table that the crew uses to setup or remove trains. Our typical modular setup consists of 28 modules occupying an area about 45 feet long by 21 feet wide.

Click Here to see photos, learn more about the club and how to join.

The Fox Valley Division and the Midwest Region have budgeted funds for "Make-and-Take" model building programs. If you know of, or are involved with, an organized group of youngsters in the age range of about 7 through 16, who are located in McHenry, Cook, Lake, and or Kane counties in northeastern Illinois give this activity consideration. We'll send some experienced modelers, as well as tools and a carton of easy-to-build kits to your meeting. The program takes about an hour or so of hands-on creative activity. We'll provide a short introduction to model trains and then take your group through the steps of making their own model train cars to take home. The Fox Valley Division donates the models and brings tools to make the event a success. We have found that children thoroughly enjoy this easy introduction to model railroading. "Where can I get more?" is the most frequently asked question. We can support one or two of these programs a year depending on the group size. Contact us if you are interested.

The Golden Spike Award is the easiest and generally the first award of the Achievement Program - and applying for is easy. All you need is to have a small area (size is dependent on scale) of your model RR judged by our AP Chairman meeting simple criteria of scenery, structures, track-work, rolling stock and motive power.

Click Here to see Jeff Jarr's clinic on how to apply for the Golden Spike. (5.2 MB PDF file.)

Click here to go to the NMRA web-page featuring the Golden Spike Award discussion.